Peat fuel for open fires and multi-fuel stoves

Scottish Peat

Peat has traditionally been used for centuries for cooking and domestic heating. These ‘coal-like’ lumps of peat are easy and clean to handle, light easily and can also be burnt alongside other fuels on multi-fuel stoves and open fires.

Add to this peat’s high heat output, low emissions and pleasant smell when burning and you can see why it is gaining in popularity once again.

Scottish peat is sold as ‘coal-like’ lumps in large bags.

1+ bags £9.95 per bag

per pallet (35 bags) £330

scottish peat

Irish Peat Blocks

These smokeless peat briquettes have been Ireland’s favourite solid fuel for over 60 years, with their long burn time and high heat output. Made from 100% natural products, with no binders or additives, they are just as suitable for open fires as for stoves, and are easy to light.

supplied in compressed blocks, 20 briquettes in a pack.

1+ packs £5.95 per pack NOT AVAILABLE

per pallet (84 packs) £4.75 per pack

compressed irish peat blocks

How to use peat blocks:

peat step 1 peat step 2 peat step 3
Step 1 Step 2 Step 3
Place five peat briquettes on their side as shown Break two firelighters in half, position as shown, and ignite Place three peat briquettes on top with a thumbs width between each of them and enjoy the warmth of a real fire


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