Wood briquettes for open fires, multi-fuel stoves and wood burners

Verdo Briquettes

Verdo Renewables briquettes offer easy, convenient combustion and are suitable for burning in multi-fuel stoves, log burners and open fireplaces.

The briquettes are packed in easily managed packs, each containing six briquettes. Each individual briquette is 7cm x 7cm x 30cm. As the briquettes are brittle they can easily be broken by hand if required, making them perfect for fitting into smaller stoves.

They are easy to use, produce a minimum of ash and are easy to store. As their moisture content is below 10% they result in a greater heat output. Made from 100% natural virgin wood that is sourced in the UK, they are FSC ® certified and contains no additives.

As well as conforming to the EN 14961-3:2011 specifications for property class A1 wood briquettes, they are also approved by HETAS as a Quality Assured Woodfuel under the Woodsure+Plus Certification scheme.

1 pack £3.50 per pack

per pallet (NEW NOW 104 packs PER PALLET) £325 per pallet (works out at approx £3.13 per pack) NOT AVAILABLE

verdo briquettes

Pini Kay Briquettes

Similar to Hotties

12 per pack/10kg

1+ packs £3.75 per pack

£350 per pallet (96 packs)

Hotties briquettes

  • Made from compressed sawdust
  • over twice as dense as kiln-dried logs
  • no additives or binders used
  • do not expand when burned
  • do spark, or spit
  • hole helps air circulation for a better burn
  • produce very little ash

Hottie briquettes specification:

Pine (70%) and Spruce (30%)
moisture content: 4%
heat output: 5.13 kWh/kg
briquette dimensions: 63mm x 63mm x 230mm with 24mm diameter hole
number of briquettes per pack: 10
weight per pack: 10kg

1+ packs £4.25 per pack or 3.99 per 100 packs (full pallet)


Puffin Briquettes

These 100% renewable biomass briquettes are made from compressed sawdust and wood shavings, recycled wood and joinery waste. There are no additives or binders used as it is the lignin in the wood and the extreme pressure and heat in production that makes the logs bind together naturally. The heat logs are clean to handle and store, and give off a nice golden flame then a golden glow with lots of heat. The briquettes do not spit and spark unlike conventional logs so are much safer to use as a fuel for open fires. Scottish product from Banff.

£5.65 per 15kg bag

£280/pallet (50 bags)



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