Wood briquettes for open fires, multi-fuel stoves and wood burners


Pini Kay Briquettes

(hardwood sawdust) 105 Pack/Full Pallet

12 Ultra Dry, High Energy Heat Logs per pack

These high energy, ultra dry Heat Logs make a great fire

  • Made from compressed sawdust
  • No Additives
  • Clean to handle
  • Long Lasting fire with good heat
  • Suitable for wood burners, multi-fuel stoves, open fires and chimeneas

12 per pack/10kg

1+ packs £4.50 per pack

£450 per pallet (105 packs)

 Verdo PINI-KAYs

Hotties briquettes (Not available at the moment)

  • Made from compressed sawdust
  • over twice as dense as kiln-dried logs
  • no additives or binders used
  • do not expand when burned
  • do spark, or spit
  • hole helps air circulation for a better burn
  • produce very little ash

Hottie briquettes specification:

Pine (70%) and Spruce (30%)
moisture content: 4%
heat output: 5.13 kWh/kg
briquette dimensions: 63mm x 63mm x 230mm with 24mm diameter hole
number of briquettes per pack: 10
weight per pack: 10kg

1+ packs £4.25 per pack or £399 per pallet (100 packs) (NOT AVAILABLE AT THE MOMENT)


Puffin Briquettes 

These 100% renewable biomass briquettes are made from compressed sawdust and wood shavings, recycled wood and joinery waste. There are no additives or binders used as it is the lignin in the wood and the extreme pressure and heat in production that makes the logs bind together naturally. The heat logs are clean to handle and store, and give off a nice golden flame then a golden glow with lots of heat. The briquettes do not spit and spark unlike conventional logs so are much safer to use as a fuel for open fires. Scottish product from Banff.

£5.65 per 15kg bag

£280/pallet (50 bags)



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